toMaking 10 is an important concept for early learners because it builds a foundation they’ll use for place value later.  This crayon themed ten frames activity is a fun, hands-on way for kids to learn and practice all the ways to make 10 while using a ten frame.

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Getting Ready

Prepping this ten frames activity was a cinch!

I printed off the ten frame mat, number cards and crayon picture cards on white card stock, laminated them for durability and cut out the cards.

Then, I quickly printed off a record sheet for each student.

I sorted cards into piles and set them aside, laid out the make 10 mat and handed each student in the small group a record sheet and a pencil.


Crayon Ten Frames

To begin, I had a child choose a crayon number card and place it on the mat. She drew the crayon card with the number six on it.

After reading the number out loud, she carefully counted out six crayon picture cards and placed them on the ten frame.

Since it was a new activity for my small group, I made sure to reiterate that the crayons needed to be placed from left to right, filling in each box as they went, rather than just filling in random spaces.

After the students had written down the number six in the first part of the equation, I asked them to help me count how many more made ten: four!

Together, we said the addition equation aloud, “Six plus four equals ten.”

Then, all the kids wrote the addition equation on their record sheet.

The next child selected another card and we continued the activity until everyone’s record sheet was complete.

Grab Your Download

Ready to practice making ten?

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  1. I couldn’t get the download of the crayon make ten no matter what I did

  2. Hi, when i enter my name and email address and hit submit… nothing happens? it has been processing now for about 10 mins??? what am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Jeanette,

      Thank you so much for reaching out, great question.

      Please make sure to have the most recent version of Adobe Reader Other and the popups allowed from our site. This will ensure that the freebie can load properly.

      I hope this helps!


  3. I love all your activities – they are great with so much effort and love that has gone into them. Thank you for adding so much light to teaching!

    1. Hi Cathy,
      Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words!
      We truly LOVE what we do!

      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

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