You can do so much more with LEGOs than build! One of our favorite ways is to incorporate them into a LEGO game like this one. Our newest LEGO game is a fun way to work on measurement in preschool or kindergarten.

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LEGO Game: How Many Legos Long?

LEGO Game Play

I handed my  roll of tape and a pile of 2 x 4 Duplos. Then I helped him measure his favorite stuffed monkey. He stuck one piece of tape near his monkey’s toes and a second piece at the top of his head. Then we worked together to lay a line of Duplos from one piece of tape to the other. My son was excited to count each one when he was finished.

LEGO Game How Many Legos Long?

C used the pile of Duplos to measure a book before I asked, “Are you taller or shorter than these two things?”

“Taller,” he confidently replied.

“So will it take more or less Duplos to stretch from your head to your toes?”

“Hmmm…. More?” he guessed.  He excitedly laid down next to the lines of Duplos to see whether or not he was right. {And he was!}

We spent several more minutes measuring toys we found around the house and talking about whether they were shorter or longer than each other.

LEGO Game: How Many Legos Long?

The final verdict?! How Many LEGOS Long was a fun, hands-on way to introduce measuring.  I hope your family enjoys it too!

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  1. I used to do similar things when I taught early childhood. I would draw a picture of things like chair and stapler, with a box next to it. the kids had to use their unifix cubes (instead of duplos) measure the objects and write the number next to the object

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