We love playdough recipes and activities! With fall just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to whip up a batch of oh-so-yummy green apple playdough  and get some hands-on number practice. These free apple playdough mats are a perfect preschool math activity for fall.

This is one fall activity you won’t want to miss!  When you’re done with these math mats, head on over to our shop for some playdough mats that practice letters, numbers and shapes!

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Getting Ready

We didn’t have any playdough on hand, so the kids and I pulled out a few supplies and made a batch of squishy, soft green apple playdough.

Then, I printed the playdough number mats (HERE) on cardstock to give them extra durability, cut them apart and laminated them to keep the playdough from sticking to the surface.

Free Apple Playdough Mats for Preschool.

I cut out the cards, leaving a .25 inch lamination border around each one. Then, I called my boys over to join me.

Free Playdough Mats

Middle Brother (age 4) is all about numbers these days, so he was excited to get his hands on the playdough. He grabbed the number one card first and rolled a small piece of playdough into a mini apple for the tree.

FREE Apple Playdough Number Mats

Then, he rolled a playdough snake into a line to shape his one and added a ball to the ten frame at the bottom. (Ten frames are a great way to help kids see how the numbers 1-10 relate to each other and develop number sense using 5 and 10 as benchmarks.)

Free Apple Playdough Mats

Grab Your Playdough Mats

Ready to play?! Click the blue button below to download your set of free apple playdough mats and then try out our squishy green apple playdough recipe.

Find More

On the hunt for even more playdough fun? Check out our playdough mats in our shop that practices the alphabet, numbers and shapes, too!

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  1. Everything I try to print off of your website is not printing correctly. For example I tried to print the apple playdough cards and there is big black curved lines through the middle of the card and the conversation heart books had weird swirl/scribbles all over them. I wanted to purchase some things but i am not going to bc they wont print correctly. Any ideas on what the problem is?

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