Consonant Digraph Posters and Dice

If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce common digraphs, you’ll love these free dice and digraph posters.

The charts are great for teaching beginning and ending digraphs and are handy for use as flash cards, too. And speaking of word work, check out our Vowel Team Centers in our shop for some more fun!

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Digraph Posters

I printed the digraph posters on cardstock to give them extra durability and make the colors really pop. Then, I cut them apart and laminated them.

To introduce them to kids, I grabbed the set of beginning digraphs first since kids tend to notice beginning sounds before they recognize ending sounds.

Focusing on one poster at a time, we named the digraph and brainstormed a list of words that started with that digraph. For instance, when talking about TH, children named, “thanks, that, then, their, the and thin.” I wrote down each suggestion on our group list and drew a simple stick figure picture next to each one to help jog kids’ memories.

(I’ve included a word list as well in case you get a foggy teacher moment like I sometimes do and can’t think of more words!)

After a couple minutes, I hung up the TH digraph poster and grabbed a new one: WH. I like focusing on just a couple digraphs at a time to help kids really remember the sounds they make. We repeated the same brainstorming process and then took a break.

Several days later, we reviewed the digraphs with the ending sound posters.

FREE Digraph Posters and Dice. Such a fun way to help kids remember trick digraphs.

Digraph Dice

The digraph dice are a motivating way to review those tricky digraph sounds. I made my dice with paper but cardstock works well, too. I cut along the outside edge of each die and glue the tabs together to make a cube.

FREE Digraph Dice. Such a fun way to get kids practicing those tricky digraph sounds. Roll the dice and name a word that has that digraph!

Children simply rolled the dice and thought of a word that started with that sound. When one student rolled PH, he named, “phone.”  When another child rolled WH, she said, “when.”

They continued rolling and naming for several minutes.

Alternatively, you could also have kids roll the dice and draw a picture of something with that sound.

Or, you could have pairs of children race to be the first to roll all six digraphs. To play, each team would write down the digraphs on a piece of paper (WH, PH, TH, CH, PH, QU). Each time a player rolled and named a word with that digraph, he would cross it off the team list. If the group already rolled it, the player would still name a word but wouldn’t be able to cross anything off the list. He would simply pass the die to the next player so that she could take a turn.

The first team to cross off all six digraphs would win.


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