After mastering numbers to ten, moving on to teen numbers can be a little tricky for some kids. These valentine twenty frames are a playful, hands-on way to work on counting sets and writing the numbers 10-20. They’re the perfect complement to our free valentine ten frame sheets HERE.

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Valentine Twenty Frames

Prepping these printables was a cinch. I quickly printed out enough copies for each of my students.

Then, I placed them in a math center bin along with crayons and they were ready to go!

Note: You could print them double-sided if you chose to save paper and have kids complete them at the same time. Giving kids a choice about which side to complete first can make something as simple as these printables even more engaging.


In my small group of a few students, the decision was unanimous that they wanted to “count hearts first” so count hearts we did!

We are working hard on seeing teen numbers as “ten and some more” when looking at a twenty frame. So, instead of counting from one, the goal is to start at ten and count on.

Our first set had 18 hearts. We could see the first set of 10 quickly, and so we counted on – “11, 12, 13, 14, 15 ,16, 17, 18.” 

One of my students took his number sense skills even further and said, “I know it’s 18 because if it was full it would be 20, and there are 2 gone.”  Yes!

These kind of conversations while we work are so valuable and just what I am aiming for as we casually count, color and write.


Next, we were ready to fill in our own twenty frames, which gave us great practice in reading teen numbers as well.

We read the number in the heart and then filled in the twenty frames to match. We used crayons, but it would have been super fun to use Q-tips and paint.  I think I might print these off on their own for another time and do just that!


Grab Your Download

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  1. Awesome! It gives students to have a sense of achievement and it is related to the upcoming festival.

  2. Thank you so much! This is exactly the one I am looking for. More blessings to you!

    1. Wonderful, Aura!
      So glad you like it!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

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