If your math and literacy centers need a little love this spring, this is for you! These print-and-play spring centers include 18 math and literacy centers practicing word families, sight words, telling time, skip counting, addition, subtraction and so much more.

The spring centers are easy to differentiate, making them perfect for kindergarten and first grade!

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Spring Literacy Centers

The mega pack makes it so easy to differentiate! 

Stretch activities for your strong readers and break down the activities for kids who are early in their understanding.

For example, one group of students can practice reading, sorting and spelling CVC word families with this playful egg sort while another group of students plays the exact same activity but sorts vowel teams like -AY and -EA instead!

Just hit print.

To make it easy for you to make just-right sight word games for every group in class, the pack includes 3 EDITABLE games!

Print out several different batches of just-right sight word puzzles and challenge kids to find the pairs…

…race to the finish line as you read and write sight words along the way…

…and play a motivating dice sight word game.

Because all three games are editable, you can practice any words under the sun!

The Spring Pack even includes 3 story starters and spring-themed word cards for you to slide into your writing center.

Spring Math Centers

To make it easy for you to also differentiate math, the set includes a variety of centers teaching important skills like numbers, telling time, addition and subtraction.

For instance, you can have students practice writing missing numbers in numerical order.

Or, you can stretch the activity for kids who are ready for a challenge by giving them the set of skip counting cards instead!

Work on 2D or 3D shapes AND build graphing skills at the same time.

Just spin a shape and add it to the graph!

Next, read the analog clock and then find the digital time that matches!

There are three versions of the telling time puzzles so that you can easily differentiate for a variety of learners: telling time to the hour, half hour and quarter hour.

Then, practice addition with a motivating color by code sheet! Kids will love seeing the mystery picture magically appear.

And that’s just the beginning! There are 18 math and literacy centers in all.

Grab Your Pack

Hop over to our shop or Teachers Pay Teachers to snag your instant download. Then, continue the fun with our Editable Word Work Games!

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