Spring Centers


If your math and literacy centers need a little love this spring, this pack is for you!

The print and play pack includes 18 math and literacy centers practicing word families, sight words, telling time, skip counting, addition, subtraction and so much more.

The spring centers are easy to differentiate, making them perfect for kindergarten and first grade!




The mega pack makes it so easy to differentiate. Stretch activities for your strong readers and break down the activities for your struggling kiddos.

–> CVC Word Family Sort. Pick a card from the pile and sort it into the right CVC word family.

–> Vowel Team Sort. If students are ready for a challenge, sort magic E CVCe words instead.

–> CVC Word Puzzles. Match each picture with the matching CVC word! Then write your pairs on your record sheet for extra reinforcement.

–> Magic E Word Puzzles. For children who need more of a push, pull out the magic E version of the game.

–> EDITABLE Sight Word Game. Race to the finish line as you read and write sight words along the way!

–> EDITABLE Roll and Write. Roll a die and write the matching word. Because the game is editable, you can practice any words under the sun!

–> EDITABLE Sight Word Puzzles. Match each sight word with its twin! When you’ve finished, write your pairs on your record sheet to practice spelling.

–> 3 Story Starters. Get kids writing with creative story prompts and spring word cards.


The set also includes math activities teaching critical skills including numbers, telling time, addition and subtraction.

–> Mystery Numbers. Easily differentiate by having kids focus on the numbers 1-20, 1-50 or 1-120.

–> Skip Counting. For students who are ready to be stretched, practice skip counting by 2, 5 or 10 instead.

–> Shape Graph. Work on 2D or 3D shapes AND build graphing skills at the same time. Just spin a shape and add it to the graph!

–> Subtraction Mats. Spin two numbers, write the subtraction problem and solve it!

–> Telling Time Puzzles. Read the analog clock and then find the digital time that matches! There are three versions included so that you can easily differentiate for a variety of learners: telling time to the hour, half hour and quarter hour.

–> Making 10. How many more flower seeds do you need to make 10? Use the task cards to find your answer and then keep track of your results on your record sheet.

–> Subtracting from 10. Roll a die and subtract that many flower seeds from your ten frame. How many are left?

–> Add and Color. Solve each addition problem, color the box according to the key, and make the mystery picture magically appear.




“Wonderful resource!” – Donna Dutton