Apple Centers


Looking for apple activities your students will beg to play over and over again?!

This print and play pack includes 16 motivating ways to teach alphabet letters, word families, sight words, number concept, graphing, 2D shapes and so much more.

The apple activities are easy to differentiate, making them perfect for kindergarten and first grade!

Scroll down to see a list of what’s inside this jam packed instant download!

The apple activities are easy to differentiate, making them perfect for kindergarten and first grade!

Inside you’ll find:


One of my favorite activities in the bunch is a powerful anti-bullying activity that shows how harmful teasing, taunting and excluding can be.


The mega pack also includes literacy centers that make it so easy to differentiate. Stretch activities for your strong readers and break down the activities for your struggling kiddos.

–> Alphabet Apples. Such a motivating way to work on letter recognition and upper and lowercase pairing.

–> Letter Sound Puzzles. Find the letter that starts each word.

–> Rhyming Clip Cards. Find the matching words.

–> Match Up. Sound out 16 pairs of CVC words.

–> EDITABLE Sight Word Game. Race to the apple stand as you read and write sight words along the way.

–> EDITABLE Hide and Seek. Read the words to find out what’s hiding underneath. Then write the words in the right spot on your sheet!

–> EDITABLE Sight Word Puzzles. Find the pairs of words and then spell them on your sheet.

–> 3 Story Starters. Get kids writing with fun story prompts.


The set also includes math activities teaching critical skills including counting, number writing, patterns, shapes and graphing.

–> 1-20 Ten Frame Dab. Read the number and then fill your ten frame with that many dots.

–> Color by Ten Frame. Pick a ten frame and color the number that matches!

–> Base 10 Puzzles. Practice counting and building numbers 1-100 with base ten blocks.

–> Apple Patterns. Create AB, ABB, ABCD, AABB, AAB and ABC patterns.

–> Shape Graphs. Spin a 2D shape, name it and then graph it. What shape reaches the top first?

–> Roll and Add 1-10. Roll a dice, write the number and solve the addition problem. It’s a motivating way to practice adding +1 to +10.


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