Outer Space Activity Pack


Ready to geek out on outer space activities but not sure where to start?

These 25 outer space activities make it so easy to learn about our solar system. Just print and play!

There’s so much included in this set! Check out all the fun details below.

NOTE: All of our products are instant downloads.


Kids are fascinated by space and these 25 science, math and literacy activities take their excitement to a whole new level.

The Instant Download Includes:

Science Activities

  • Solar System Hats
  • Space Bingo (class set!)
  • Space Match Up
  • Clip the Planet
  • How Far are the Planets from the Sun?
  • Planet Fact Sheets (Including ready to read summaries for each planet)
  • Oreo Moon Phases
  • More Water or Land?

Math Activities

  • Space Race
  • 2D Shape Concentration
  • 2D Color by Shape Game
  • 3D Color by Shape Game
  • Comparing Space Rockets (Greater than and less than)
  • AB, ABB and ABC Space Patterns
  • Skipping Stars (Working on skip counting by 2, 5, 10 and all three at once)

Literacy Activities

  • Roll an Alien (It’s EDITABLE so you can practice any words under the sun!)
  • Space Race Sight Word Game (Also EDITABLE!)
  • 5 Spin a Word Family Sheets
  • Outer Space Alphabet
  • Handwriting Activity Pages
  • NO PREP Space Stories
  • My Space Flip Book
  • My Trip to the Moon First, Next, Then Story
  • Mini Planet Book

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