As the air turns cooler and the leaves change colors, it can be fun to bring a little bit of autumn into the classroom. Kids will LOVE this playful fall alphabet match!

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Getting Ready

Just like our fall counting puzzles, getting these alphabet match ups prepped and ready was quick and easy.

I printed out all of the trees and leaves, and then laminated them so that I could save them to use again next year.

After I cut the cards apart on the solid black lines, I added them to a basket to use first with a small group, and then to add to a literacy center when kids were ready for more independent practice.

Note: When we are done this year, I will simply store them in a Ziploc bag until next fall!

Fall Leaf Alphabet Match

I explored this alphabet match with two different groups of students.

The first group needed more exposure and practice with letters, so we only worked with 5-10 trees and leaves at a time. (Focusing on all 26 would have been very overwhelming.)

The second group was ready to dive in and review all 26 upper and lowercase letters, so they tackled them all.

No matter which group was playing, our process was the same. We began by sorting the trees and leaves and putting them into two piles.

The kids took turns grabbing one of the fallen leaves and “helping” it find the matching tree.

I noticed that the group that was sorting all 26 letters wanted to put each pile in alphabetical order in a line first before matching them up. It proved to be great for building teamwork and was a helpful strategy for finding matching pairs.  They loved this alphabet match activity!

Grab Your Download

Click the blue “download” below and then hop over to grab our Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack in our shop!

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