Climb to the Top

Activity for ages 4 to 8.

When a first grader I tutor was struggling to memorize sight words a little while back, I made it my personal mission to design several entertaining sight word games that were both entertaining AND effective.  Hands down, one of her favorite activities from the bunch was this high energy die game I call “Climb to the Top”.

Free sight word game for kids

Getting Ready

To prep, I gathered together a few supplies:

  • A marker,
  • A die or a wooden block,
  • A sheet of round labels like those pictured below,
  • A Climb to the Top gameboard HERE.

I chose six sight words I wanted my student to practice {of, said, for, was, have, are} but the number of different combinations you could use are really endless. I wrote each word on a different label like this:

Then I attached each sticker to a different side of the die.

Climb to the Top

To play, I gave my student the Climb to the Top game board, a marker and the die I created. I asked her to roll the die and write down the word that landed on top in the correct column.  The word that filled up its column first would be the winner.

My student loved rolling and writing her way to memorizing sight words!! I hope your kids love it too.

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  1. Kim

    This is such a great idea! My son is having a hard time getting motivated to practice and learn his sight words and I think this would help him a lot! Thank you for sharing!

    • Malia

      Hooray Kim! I’m excited to hear that the climb to the top printable will come in handy. I hope your son enjoys it!!

  2. laura bedet

    It is a very nice game to have the children practice their words.
    I used it with my son today, and he would love to practice more…:-))
    I will use it in the classroom as well.
    Thank you for sharing



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