Beehive Alphabet Match

Learning the alphabet is exciting, but mastering it takes practice… lots and lots of practice.  I’m always looking for fun ways to make all of that hard work fun for students and this playful alphabet match up was just the trick!

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Getting Ready

Prepping this literacy center was a cinch, and the best part is once it was prepped, I could use it from one year to the next.

I first printed out all of the uppercase beehives and the lowercase bees and laminated them so that they would last longer.

Then, I cut them apart on the solid black lines so that I had 26 beehives and 26 bees.

Beehive Alphabet Match

I decided to first give the game a go with a small group of students who were working on mastering letter names.

Putting all 26 letter matches out at once would be overwhelming for them, so I started with just a few matches and worked our way up, but you may want to put out more for your kids if they’re ready.

We first took the beehives for letters A-F and spread them out face up on the table so that we could see them. Then, we scrambled the bees in a dish and took turns picking one bee out at a time and saying the lowercase letter name.

We helped each other match the bees to their hives and kept taking turns until all of the bees had been matched.

After we had completed those matches, I brought out the next batch of beehives to play again with another six or so pairs.

I found it helpful to match up fewer bees and hives at a time with my focused small group. However, for students doing a general alphabet review, it would work to match up all 26 bees and hives if they had a large work area like a floor or table.

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  1. Annie

    Thank you so much for sharing.Your work is so beautiful.I will be using these in my class of three year olds.



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