My kids are LEGO obsessed! Yours too?! We’ve used them to practice addition and subtraction, counting, patterns… even engineering. I was super excited to add another LEGO-themed learning activity to the mix: measurement. These printable LEGO measuring activity sheets are perfect to use with kids who are just beginning to practice measurement and LEGO fans who are ready to step up the challenge.

Add them to your STEM centers or use as independent work!  For more STEM fun, check out our Epic STEM Challenges Bundle in our shop!

Getting Ready

Prepping for the LEGO measuring activity was quick and easy. I dug through the kids’ LEGO stash and pulled out a big handful of square bricks.

Then, I printed one activity sheet (below) for each child and called them over to join me.

Fun LEGO measurement activity!

Beginning Measurement

Before many kids are able to measure with abstract units like inches and centimeters, they must first understand how to measure with concrete objects. LEGOS are a perfect measurement tool because their straight sides make them slide together so nicely.

To start, I pulled out the beginning measurement page first. Big Brother (age 6) and Middle Brother (age 4.5) looked at the top line and estimated how many LEGOS it would take to cover it.

Big Brother guessed 12 and then eagerly began laying the bricks side-by-side.

Such a fun measurement activity!

“Bummer!” he called out when he counted the bricks and realized that the actual answer was eleven. He’d only been off by one. So close!

One line after the next, each boy made an estimate and then found the correct answer.  They were quite invested in this LEGO measurement activity!

LEGO measuring! Fun measurement activity.

Standard Measurement

When our warm up with the LEGO measuring activity was complete, Big Brother moved on to measuring in inches. (Although we weren’t working on it, I included a centimeter page for all of you in case you prefer it.)

He read the first box and estimated how many inches long a train of seven bricks would be. Then he counted out seven LEGOS and started placing them in a line.

LEGO Measurements!

When he was finished, he grabbed a ruler and carefully measured – being sure to line up the start of the ruler and the beginning of the LEGO train.  This was the part of the LEGO measurement activity that would be applicable to real-life measuring.

LEGO measuring activity for kids

Four and a half. He was off by an inch!

Big Brother wrote down the actual measurement and started working on the next estimate.

Grab Your Download

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