LEGO Addition and Subtraction

Apr 11, 2016

Activity for ages 4 to 7.

LEGO fans will love these playful addition and subtraction game boards. They’re a motivating way to work on addition to five, subtraction within five and practicing addition and subtraction at the same time.

Grab your free set (below) and then snag our subtraction and addition write and wipe cards!

Free LEGO games for kids!Getting Ready

To prep, I printed the LEGO game boards on cardstock to give them extra durability. Then I grabbed a die and our stash of LEGO bricks. (Each child needed at least 30 LEGO bricks and a LEGO person to use as her playing piece.)

Three Versions

There are three versions of the game to make it easy for kids to practice a variety of skills: addition to five, subtraction within five and both.

Addition to Five

To practice addition to five, each player starts with zero bricks. He rolls the die and moves his game piece that many spaces on his board.

Then he reads the addition problem he lands on and adds that many bricks to his tower.

Fun addition game for kids!

The player with the most bricks in her stack at the end is the winner!

Subtraction within Five

If you’re in more of a take away kind of mood, kids can work on subtraction within five instead.

To play, each player starts with a tower of 25 bricks. The first player rolls the die, moves his game piece that many spaces and takes off the number of bricks written on the space.

I love this LEGO subtraction game for kids!

The player with the fewest bricks when all players have reached the end wins.

Addition and Subtraction

And finally, to work on both operations at once, players start with a tower of 10 bricks. Player One rolls the die, moves her game piece and either adds or subtracts the number of LEGOs written on the space from her stack.

The player with the most bricks when all players have reached the end wins the game.

Grab Your Download

Ready to play?! Click the blue download button below to grab your free LEGO game boards and then hop over and snag our subtraction and addition write and wipe cards too!

Awesome LEGO subtraction cards. Roll the die, cross of the LEGOS and write the equation. Love the hands-on piece!Popcorn write and wipe addition cards!


  1. Bridget

    Hi! I love these games! I have been looking for a fun way to practice math at home! It looks like you can play these several different ways! Awesome.
    Thank you for all you do!
    We love your site!
    Bridget and M

  2. Valerie @Glittering Muffins

    Thanks for all your great work and fun games you share with us. I sent you an email with some questions 🙂

  3. Bryn

    This game is awesome! Thank you so much for creating it. The kids in my preschool class loved playing the addition version and it really kept their interest!

  4. jou

    thank you

  5. Carmen Ferrer

    Me encanta el blog y todos los materiales que compartes. Gracias !!! Utilizo algunos de tus juegos en mi clase y mis niños están encantados.

    • Kimberleigh

      Muchas gracias, estamos encantados de tenerte como parte de nuestra familia en línea.
      ¡Quédate inspirado!

  6. Lisa

    Love your resources! My grade one class finds them both fun and engaging! Thanks so much 🙂

    • Ashley

      Wonderful, Lisa!
      I’m so glad you’re students are enjoying the activities!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  7. Heidi

    I like this, but I will change the rules slightly. I will have my higher students in first grade add /subtract either blocks with the correct amount of knobs, or make a combination (E.g. a block with 4 knobs and 1 block with 1 knob to represent a 5) Should be interesting for subtraction!

    • Ashley

      What a great way to differentiate for your higher students.
      I hope they love it!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador



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