Penguin Number Dominoes


Hands down, our favorite math center right now is Penguin Number Dominoes – a fun game teaching number concept and comparison.

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Getting Ready

To prep the activity, I simply printed the dominoes on cardstock to give them extra durability and cut apart the pieces.

That’s it! Doesn’t get much easier than that, right?!

Note: If you’re a teacher, you could laminate the cards for even more durability.

Penguin Number Dominoes

I helped my five year-old shuffle the dominoes and gather them into a stack face down on the table.

He flipped over the top card in the pile and laid it next to the stack to use as our first domino.

Then he divided the remaining cards between us.

Since he was the youngest player in the group, my son took the first turn.

The domino he’d flipped over a few minutes earlier showed a 5 ten frame on the top half and the number three down below.

He could match either the ten-frame or the number, so he looked through his cards and found a domino showing the number 5.

He laid the matching ends together on the table.

It was my turn to make the next move, so I slid a domino with five fish next to the number 5.

One turn after the next, we battled to be the first to play all of our cards.

It can get really tricky toward the end of the game because you lose your turn if you don’t have a domino that will work.

Thankfully, several minutes after we started, my son’s face lit up in a huge smile.

He proudly laid down his last card. He’d won the game!

Grab Your Set

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