The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of my all-time favorite children’s books. My boys are big fans too, so I was excited to pull together a motivating Very Hungry Caterpillar sight word game that would make reading practice super fun.

It’s the perfect addition to our best-selling Editable Sight Word Games!

This post contains an Amazon affiliate link for The Very Hungry Caterpillar book.

Getting Ready

I printed The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sight Word Game (below) on cardstock to give it extra durability and make the colors really pop. (If you’ll be using it in the classroom, you may also want to laminate it.)

To make the playing pieces, I cut apart the pictures and grabbed some small binder clips. I picked up one of the pictures and attached the binder clip to its bottom. Then I squeezed the tabs to remove them from the clip – making a little stand.

Super fun Very Hungry Caterpillar Sight Word Game

I made a couple more playing pieces, grabbed a die and called my very excited boys over to play.

FREE Very Hungry Caterpillar Sight Word GamePlaying the Sight Word Game

We always let the youngest player go first so Middle Brother picked up the die and rolled it onto the table. “A four!” he announced. He carefully moved his piece four spaces.

Since he’s still learning letter names, I pointed to each letter in the word he landed on and spelled it out loud. “Do. D-O,” I said. He carefully repeated after me.

FREE Very Hungry Caterpillar sight word game.Next up was Big Brother. He rolled the die and moved his piece five spots. Since he’s learning sight words, he read his word and then spelled it out loud, “Can. C-A-N.”

The boys continued rolling, reading and spelling the sight words. When they landed on one of the nibbled fruits, they lost a turn.

Several exciting minutes later, Middle Brother crossed the finished line and won the game. They both immediately jumped their pieces back to START and began racing again.

Awesome freebie! Very Hungry Caterpillar Sight Word Game.

Grab Your Game

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  1. it won’t let me get the free preschool sight words upload

      1. I am disappointed that the very hungry caterpillar game is not apparently available anymore. The link ends up on a blank page. 🙁
        Would love to have had it

        1. Hi Michelle,

          I’m sorry you had difficulty accessing the free game. I just fixed the link so you’ll be able to grab it now.

          Thanks for letting me know about the problem. Enjoy!


          1. Thank you so much! I love that I can use words that my kiddos are working on individually. This is an amazing resource! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love it!! Thank you! I really appreciate generous teachers like yourself who share such wonderful, free activities.

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