Looking for some sight word practice that doesn’t include flashcards?  This easy-peasey, squeezy activity is one of our favorite sight word games!

It’s the perfect compliment to our Editable Sight Word Games!

Sight Word Game

Getting Ready

The prep for this was as easy as it comes.

I quickly wrote a list of sight words down the right-hand side of a piece of white construction paper.

Then, I wrote the same words randomly on the left side of the paper – the part that would go under the Ziploc baggie of paint.

I taped it down to A’s table with some packing tape and invited her to come “squish and seek” with me.

Awesome sight word game for kids!!

I also prepared a baggie for my 17-month-old, Q, with simple drawings of his current fascination (sea creatures) hidden underneath.  I usually do activities with my oldest when Q is napping, so he was pretty excited that he was included in the fun this time.

Playing Squish and Seek Sight Word Game

I told A all the words on her list were hidden under the paint.  She immediately began squishing and squashing the paint around until she found the first word.  “For!” she exclaimed as she crossed it off her list with a marker.

As she searched for all the words on her list, I circled the words that gave her a bit of trouble so we could work on those at a later time.

Sight Word Games: Squish and Seek Sight Words

A loved squishing the paint around and adding a hide-and-seek element made it all the more fun.

This activity could easily be adapted for multiple ages to learn a whole slew of things: letters, vocabulary, matching upper and lowercase letters or matching pictures to words. The best part was the whole thing, from prep to clean up, took 15 minutes.

I plan to keep the paint in baggies for easy access the next time around! Easy-peasy, squeezy fun!

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