Teaching kids how to tell time takes plenty of step-by-step practice. There’s so much to learn: the difference between the minute and hour hand, what hand to read first, how to count by fives to read the number of minutes – the lessons go on and on.  That’s why I was so excited to pull together a go-to telling time activity pack that would keep practice fun for kids and easy prep for teachers and homeschoolers.

The set includes more than 90 pages of engaging, effective telling time activities.  Grab your pack for just $7.99 in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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Skills Taught

The Telling Time Activity Pack playfully teaches kids the foundations of reading a digital and analog clock:

  • Recognizing the hour and minute hands
  • Reading the hour hand
  • Telling time to the nearest hour, half hour, quarter and 5-minute intervals
  • Identifying a.m. and p.m.

It’s perfect for first and second graders!

Peek Inside

The colossal pack includes loads of variety to keep practice engaging for kids. Children sort events by a.m. and p.m.

I love this hands-on telling time sort! What a great way to teach kids am and pm.

Review with some coloring!

Great way to practice am or pm! Helpful telling time activity for kids.

Then, pull out a class set of fun-to-play BINGO!

Class set of telling time BINGO! Such a fun way to work on telling time.

Kids practice telling time to the nearest hour by rolling, adding and coloring the matching clock.

Super fun telling time game for kids! Roll, add and color the clock that matches.

Then, clip the digital time that matches each analog clock.

Since I wanted to make it easy for you to differentiate, I included a set of clip cards and match up cards for each level of difficulty so you can have all of your students work on the same activity but practice their “just right” skill: telling time to the nearest hour, half hour, quarter or 5-minutes.

Telling Time Clip Cards! Such a fun way to work on reading a clock.

Young mathematicians try their luck with a round of Memory Match Up,

Telling Time Match Up! Such a fun telling time activity for kids.

play Telling Time Dominoes,

Fun!! Telling Time Dominoes!!

and join their class in an exciting game of I Have, Who Has.

I Have Who Has Telling Time Game! Great way to teach kids how to read an analog clock.

Finally, they pull out their markers and scissors for a clever craftivity that reviews the parts of a clock and moves on to reading the hour and minute hands to the nearest 5-minute interval.

Awesome telling time craftivity! Make a clock that shows hours and minutes.

Bonus Posters

To help kids remember the telling time rules as you go along, I also included four posters that keep the lessons fresh in their minds!

Awesome telling time posters! Helpful anchor charts for kids!

Grab Your Pack

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  1. Love all these activities. My boys will have a blast with them. Thanks for sharing.

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