Telling Time Activity Pack


The Telling Time Activity Pack is perfect for first and second graders!

The 90+ pages teach kids the foundations of telling time on a digital and analog clock:

–> Recognizing the hour and minute hands

–> Telling time to the nearest hour, half hour, quarter and 5-minute intervals

–> Identifying A.M. and P.M.

There’s so much included in this set! Check out all the fun details below.



–> A.M. and P.M. Sort

–> A.M. and P.M. Review Sheet

–> Match Up Games for Time to the Hour, Half Hour, Quarter and 5 Minutes

–> Clip Cards for Time to the Hour, Half Hour, Quarter and 5 Minutes

–> Time to the Hour BINGO (CLASS SET)

–> Race Around the Clock Roll and Color Game

–> Time to the Half Hour Dominoes

–> Time to the Quarter I Have, Who Has (CLASS SET)

–> Clock Craftivity

–> Review Sheets for Time to the Hour, Half Hour, Quarter and 5 Minutes

–> 4 Anchor Charts


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“This was used as a fun math station and in small group to help their grasp of graphing. I loved the various activities & concepts that were included and the colorful pictures.” – Catherine N.

“These are wonderful resources, many hands on, that help my students learn the difficult concept of telling time on analog clocks.” – Debbie L.

“This resource had a ton of activities that could be easily modified to fit any classroom setting.” – Cori F.

“I’m a homeschool mom and used these with my children. Great resource for us!” – Julie B.

“Great for first grade time unit. Lots of options for group and center activities. Will also be using it for independent IE time for students who need review. Love the activities from PTP.” – Cindy B.