Blends are always a little tricky for my little learners, so anytime I can make practicing them engaging and fun, I’m all over it!  These Easter Egg Consonant Blend Puzzles are the perfect way to bring some playful learning to your spring centers.

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Getting Ready

Prep for this consonant blends activity was very simple!

I printed the eggs on white cardstock for durability, then cut out each of the puzzle pieces.

I made sure to laminate the pieces since I knew the kids would be manipulating them quite a bit and I wanted them to last.

Finally, I sorted the pieces by their blends (S blends, L blends, and R blends) so we could focus on one blend family at a time and add on as kids learned.

Easter Egg Consonant Blend Puzzles

As soon as my students saw these colorful puzzles, they couldn’t wait to dive in.

Since they were fairly new to consonant blends, we started by just placing one blend family in the center: S blends.

All of the picture pieces were placed at the top of the table, and all of the blend cards were placed at the bottom.

Students moved the cards around to match the picture with its correct blend.

Then, as children felt more confident, I added the next set to the game: L blends.

With practice, the kids started to feel more confident with their consonant blend sounds, so I added the last set of blends, mixed up all the eggs and let the matching challenge begin.

Consonant Blend Extension Activities

I love that this activity was so easy to differentiate!

I could add more cards for students who were ready to be stretched or work with fewer cards for children who were still new to blends.

We had fun mixing things up with a little Easter egg hunt, too!

To play, I “hid” the egg tops in various places around the classroom.

Students grabbed an egg bottom and then hunted for the correct picture on the egg top.

It was a great way to get in some practice with blends and get some wiggles out, too!

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