Ready to geek out on outer space activities but not sure where to start?  These 25 outer space activities make it so easy to learn about our solar system. Just print and play!

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To help aspiring Buzz Aldrins and Sally Rides learn about our solar system, the pack leads kids through loads of hands-on outer space activities.

Students make solar system hats to learn the order of planets from the sun. (My kids were CRAZY about this craftivity!)

I love these solar system hats!! Such a fun way to learn the order of the planets from the sun!

Then they review the order with a fun puzzle.

Learn the order of the planets in our solar system with a fun puzzle. Awesome space activity for young astronauts!

Children learn about each planet one at a time with ready-to-read fact cards and planet fact sheets.

Study each planet in depth with ready to read fact cards and planet fact sheets.

They use Oreos to learn about the phases of the moon.

Teach kids about moon phases with a batch of Oreo cookies!

And they run a simple experiment to see whether Earth has more water or land.

Find out whether the Earth has more water or land with a fun toss and tally game.

Perhaps the ultimate outer space activity: a flip book! Kids complete an in-depth space book exploring the sun, moon and planets.

Learn about the sun, moon, earth and other planets with a fun outer space flip book!

Older kids can work on it independently while younger kiddos can complete it as a class.

Complete the outer space flip book as a class with younger students or as an independent project with older kiddos.

For quick review, students can also play Planet Match Up and work on a batch of motivating planet clip cards.


To make it easy for you to add a splash of intergalactic fun to literacy time, the pack includes plenty of writing and word work activities.

Children can write fiction stories in several no-prep space books.

Build kids' imagination as they write no prep space stories!

They will take a trip to the moon to work on telling sequenced stories.

Practice sequencing, story telling and writing skills while kids take a trip to the moon.

And then they’ll practice reading and writing sight words with two EDITABLE games.

Kids can even work on five different word families with a set of playful spin and color sheets!


For some out-of-this-world math fun, students use dice to practice recognizing 1 to 6 or adding two or three numbers together.

Depending on kids' ability, play a dice game to work on recognizing 1-6, add 2 numbers together or add 3 numbers!

They work on AB, ABB and ABC patterns.

Work on AB, ABB and ABC patterns with mini astronauts.

And then children work on 2-dimensional AND 3-dimensional shapes with a couple of motivating games.

And that’s just the beginning!

There are 25 out of this world math, literacy and science activities in all.

Grab Your Pack

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