Are you looking for an EGG-CELLENT way to practice addition? This fun Easter-themed activity is perfect!

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Getting Ready

The prep work was as quick as a bunny!

I printed all the pages on white cardstock. Then, I cut out the cards and ran them through the laminator so students could use dry erase markers on them later.

Note: I used some fun Easter mini erasers that I picked up from Target’s Dollar Spot. If you don’t have mini erasers, you can use the small Easter egg cards provided.

Easter Addition to 10

I laid out the cards on the table by putting the addition equations in a pile and the Easter eggs in another pile.

Then, I spread out the bunny answer cards for all the students to see.

I had a student select an Easter basket card with an addition equation. She chose the one that said 4 + 3 = __.

The student counted four purple eggs and placed them on the ten frame. She then counted out three pink eggs and placed them on the same ten frame.

Next, she counted all seven eggs on the ten frame and used a dry erase marker to write the answer 7 on the blank line to complete the equation.

Finally, she found the answer card with a 7 on it and put it next to the addition equation card.

The students continued counting out each addition problem and finding the sum until all of the addition cards were complete.

This was such a fun activity for students to review and practice adding to 10 on a ten frame!

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