These fun color by number sheets are an easy way to get kids in the back to school spirit! Students will hardly realize they’re working on number recognition while they work to uncover the mystery pictures.

Grab your copies below!  Then for more number fun, grab our Number Formation Pack in our shop, too!

Getting Ready

There is very little preparation needed for these color by number 100 charts.

I printed out a copy of each chart (below), and my son grabbed some crayons to use as he colored. (Markers or colored pencils would also work well.)

In no time at all, we were ready to start coloring in the hidden images!

Color by Number

This simple, low key activity is perfect for stress free math review. Kids simply follow the list at the top of each chart.

My son started working through each step one by one.

He colored a long list of numbers blue and then shaded boxes 13 and 18 red, more numbers yellow…

As he colored, the mystery school-themed picture began to appear on the previously blank chart.

My son loved seeing the mystery image emerge. There was lots of giggling at some of his very early guesses as well!


The mystery color by number puzzles were such a motivating way to work on the numbers 1 to 100!

Grab Your Copy

Click the blue download button below to grab your copy of the color by number puzzles and then hop over and snag our Number Formation Pack in our shop!

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  1. Love the color by number. Do you have any more to purchase?

    1. Hi Syl,

      Thanks for reaching out. Great question. We do not have any more available to purchase. But we will add it to our wish list.



  2. HI, when children have coloured this in, what picture is uncovered?

    1. Hi Mollie,
      Thanks for reaching out.
      The finished picture should be the front of a school bus.
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  3. I can’t seem the get anything to come up when I click Download Here. I am interested in the back to school mystery picture.

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