These bright and colorful hundred chart puzzles  are a simple, hands-on way to help kids build number sense. Children can easily count on (22, 23, 24…), identify patterns (10, 20, 30…) and understand more and less (10 is more than 4…) There are so many simple ways to work on important math skills with just one colorful freebie!

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Getting Ready

To prep, I printed six copies of the hundred chart puzzles on different colors of ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers cardstock.

I was in a rainbow kinda’ mood, but you could really choose anything.

I cut apart each hundred chart differently to help my kids practice matching numbers in a variety of ways. I cut one into vertical columns, another horizontally, and the rest I separated into funky chunks like this:

Awesome freebie! Hundred chart puzzles.

I slid each hundred chart puzzle into a bag and invited my boys over to join me.

FREE Hundred Chart Puzzles

Why Does It Have 120?

Before I go any further, I better stop and explain why this hundred chart includes numbers up to 120. I promise this wasn’t a mistake!

Ask a young child what number comes after 100 and you’ll likely hear something like “110” or “200.” It can be confusing for new mathematicians to understand the patterns that happen after the number 100 if they don’t see them.

So, Common Core Math Standards now encourage kids to practice the numbers up to 120 instead of stopping at 100. And that’s why I designed these hundred charts to reach past that magic number 100. Makes sense, right?!

Hundred Chart Puzzles

With the eye-catching puzzles in hand, I invited my boys to pick a bag and start piecing together the puzzle pieces. Big Brother (age 5) eagerly got to work on a funky chunk puzzle that challenged him to think “What comes next?” and “What number is below that one?”

FREE Hundred Chart Puzzles. Great for number sense!

The activity was much more challenging for Little Brother, so I gave him a white hundred chart he could use as a guide and had him build his puzzle on top of it.

Free printable hundred chart puzzles!

After several focused minutes, both boys finished their first puzzle and grabbed a new bag. The hundred chart puzzles were a motivating, hands-on way to help them see how those 120 numbers fit together – literally!

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  1. Do we have to come up with our own way to cut it out, or do you have ones that shows us how to cut them?

    1. Hi Randi,
      You have the freedom to come up with how to cut it up.
      There is not a specific guide.
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

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