It’s time to pull out some fun Valentine’s Day centers and this alphabet match is a must-try.

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Getting Ready

Like our Valentine’s Day beginning sound puzzles, these 26 different puppy and heart matching pieces are super easy to prep.

I first printed the alphabet match out on cardstock and laminated them so that I can use them from year to year.  It’s nice to prep activities once and know they are set to pull out again next year!

Then, I cut the cards apart on the solid black lines so that I had 26 puppy cards from A-Z in uppercase and 26 heart cards from a-z in lowercase.

Valentine Alphabet Match

I first played this alphabet match center with a small group of students who were working on letter names and letter recognition.

It would have been overwhelming to put out all 26 puppies and 26 hearts at the same time with this group of students, so we started with about 10 pieces and worked our way up from there.

You can, of course, play with as few or as many pieces as you like, depending on the needs of your students.

We first spread out the puppies on the table in alphabetical order (we had started with A-J) and then placed the hearts in a pile.

We took turns pulling a heart, saying the letter name, and then finding its matching puppy.  For an extra challenge, encourage the students to say the letter sound, too.

Once we had matched them all up, we put them aside, and added more cards to the table to pair!

If you are setting this out for independent play in a literacy center, you could even make it self-correcting by writing the uppercase letter on the back of each heart card.

Students can pair up the cards, and then turn them over to see if they were correct!  Your students will L-O-V-E this alphabet match!

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