Texting Templates

My first graders are obsessed with anything technology related, so they were thrilled when I pulled out these texting templates to work on writing conversations. 

This texting activity was a fun use of “technology” in the classroom!  Then, if you’re ready for a more traditional writing approach, grab our Writing Center Starter Kit in our shop!

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Getting Ready

Time to brainstorm!  Before introducing the “phones” to my students, I gathered them on the carpet to discuss why writing is so important.  As a class, we made a list of all the ways we use writing in our everyday lives.

We talked about how we can write lists for the grocery store, reminders and to-do lists, postcards and even texts and e-mails. (I *may* have hinted at texting a little bit, but it worked!)

Texting Templates

After talking about how we often write with technology, I showed my first graders the paper phones that I had previously printed and cut out.


They were extremely excited to say the least!

I showed them that there were a few different options to choose from, and explained that they should try and think of a real conversation they might have with a friend or family member and then do their best to write it in the text bubbles.


I set the “phones” out on our designated writing table and let my students get started.

To differentiate, I gave a few of my students a blank “phone” so they wouldn’t have to worry about fitting their words into small bubbles – something that can be very difficult for beginning writers.

Likewise, I had a few kiddos that I prompted to just draw a picture and label it since that is what they needed to work on.


To add another level of fun, I broke out my emoji stickers (available here) and let my students take two or three to embellish their texting conversation or iPhone picture.

My students came up with some great text message conversations and we decided as a class to add the texting templates to our writing table for good!  Now, when students have “free write” time, this is one of their many choices.

Grab Your Copy

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  1. Nour Labak

    I love the idea you picked to do,i really get interested in these stuff!thank you for making the idea.


    • Kimberleigh

      Thank you, Nour, for your kind words!
      I hope you find hours of fun and learning.
      Kimberleihg // Happiness Ambassador

  2. Lindy

    I am not finding the link for the texting templates. Help. I know my 1st & 2nd graders would love doing this.

    • Ashley

      Hi Lindy,
      You should be able to grab the freebie by clicking the blue Download Now button at the bottom of the post.
      If you’re having any trouble, you can also email me at hello@playdoughtoplato.com
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  3. Frankie

    What a great idea! Sadly the download link is broken and only comes up with “404 error.” Otherwise I would be madly printing this resource so I can use it straight away !



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