I love teaching TWO skills with just ONE activity, don’t you?! These shape graphs are a playful way to teach the names and characteristics of the most common 2D shapes while working on graphing at the same time.

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2D Shape Graphing

Middle Brother (age 4.5) has been exploring 2 dimensional (flat) shapes for a couple of weeks now so he was already familiar with the names and characteristics of the shapes on his sheet.

Circles are easy to spot because they don’t have any corners or straight lines.

Hexagons have a /x/ sound just like the number six – the same number of sides it has!

TRIangles have three sides which is easy to remember because a TRIcycle has three wheels…

He used the clues he’d learned to identify each shape in the top box.

Then, using a red crayon, he colored all of the circles in the box and counted up the total. “Four!” he announced as he wrote a 4 on the blank line at the bottom of his sheet and colored four rectangles on his graph.

Shape Graphs!

Focusing on one shape after another, he colored, counted and graphed the hexagons, rectangles, squares and triangles.

Free Shape Graphs!

Then, we found the column with the most and the ones with the least.

The shape graphs were a fun way to work on shape characteristics, shape names, counting AND graphing at the same time.

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  1. I am excited to try your Shape Graphs activity. Thank you for sharing!

    When I click on the download link I receive (a very lovely!) ‘Magic e’ set of worksheets.

    I would really love your shape graph please!

  2. Haha – I also got the “magic e” set. Think I like them even more than the shape graphs! Thank you. 🙂

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