Whether you’re a fan of bright, bold colors or you prefer minimalist neutrals, we’ve got you covered. These 20 classroom tours include something for everyone. Find a favorite and then click through to check out all of the inspiring details.

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Have a class tour you’d like to add to the mix? Share it in the comments.

Fun Class Tours

Mix black with pops of neon. // Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits

Go with bright decor – bold pinks, purples, greens and blues. //Lessons with Laughter

Polka dots more your style? No problem. // Mrs. Heeren’s Happenings

Or incorporate chevron. // Soaring Through Second

Fun Classroom Tours

Kick up the fun factor with neon. // 2nd Grade Stuff

Turn the classroom into a jungle. // The Creative Chalkboard

Start with aqua and yellow and add in a few accent colors. // A Year of Many Firsts

Surround yourself with a bright rainbow. // Kinder Craze

Lots of inspiring class tours

Create a sunny, polka dot workspace. // Kinder Craze

Work with a muted palette of neutral colors. // Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits

Use greens and blues to make a peaceful classroom. // Core Inspiration

Keep it calm and simple with shades of beige. // Pre-K Tweets

Lots of class tours in one spot!

Choose a theme of whites and primary colors. // The Moffatt Girls

Play with neon greens and pinks. // The First Grade Parade

Or stick with basic colors. // Nerdy, Nerdy, Nerdy

Use purple with pops of polka dot green. // Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Lots of inspiring class tours. So helpful!

Design a woodland wonderland. // Learning in Wonderland

Place everything in its just right spot with some uber organization. // Little Minds at Work

Go bold with black and yellow polka dots. // School Girl Style

Or keep summer alive and use a beach theme! // Sailing into Second

And last but definitely not least, create a gorgeous, adventure-themed classroom motif! // @kellic_miller

I hope you found these classroom tours helpful for your own space!


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