17 Spelling Rule Posters


Grab our comprehensive set of 17 spelling rule posters – the must-have tool for supercharging your students’ learning. The eye-catching posters make spelling rules easier to grasp and remember for kids. The bundle is perfect to use with whole groups, small groups, or 1:1 tutoring.




  • The 7 jobs of silent E
  • Ghost letter digraphs (KN, WR, GN, MB)
  • The floss rule (doubling F, L, S, Z)
  • Doubling rule (doubling the consonant before adding an ending)
  • When to spell /ow/ OU or OW
  • When to spell an initial /k/ sound with C or K
  • The silent L rule
  • The two ending sounds of Y
  • Other sounds of Y
  • Whether to spell the ending /ch/ sound with TCH or CH
  • Plural endings (ES or S)
  • How to spell two-letter vowel sounds
  • When S says /s/ or /z/ at the end of a word
  • When C and G make their hard and soft sound
  • Vowel sounds with W
  • Long vowel sounds
  • Closed syllable exceptions



  • Save Time and Effort: Avoid the hassle of creating your own materials. Our ready-to-use posters save you valuable prep time, allowing you to focus on what matters most: teaching.
  • Boost Spelling Success: Empower your students with the knowledge of essential spelling rules, enhancing their spelling accuracy and confidence in writing.
  • Engage and Inspire: Watch as your students become fascinated with spelling rules through captivating visuals and relatable examples, fostering a love for language and learning.


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