Teaching kids to read is one of the most important tasks a kindergarten and first grade teacher has. Some students learn quickly, while others need a bit more help.  Enter: phonics games!

For those reluctant kids, nothing makes phonics more fun than games. These phonics activities offer motivating ways to practice vowel sounds, beginning sounds, letter blends and digraphs. Learning to read is more fun than ever!

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Phonics Games

Phonics Games Emerging Readers Will Love

Learning letter sounds? Try these fun and hands-on phonics games in your classroom this year.

Letter Sound GamesPhonics Games

Little ones will love these beginning sound match popsicles! 

All of these beginning sound games are so much fun for kids learning their letters.

These beginning sound board games are just what reluctant readers need.

Kids who are just learning letter sounds will love this jumping letter sound game! // The Imagination Tree

Play the rainbow beginning sound matching game!

Phonics Games

This hands-on hunt uses small toys to teach beginning sounds. // Mum in the Mad House

Beginning sounds are super fun in this matching game. // The Kindergarten Connection

Learn beginning sounds with this blackout game. // This Reading Mama

Who wouldn’t love a phonics-themed I Spy bottle? // The Imagination Tree

This version of a beginning sound game is perfect for kids just starting to learn letter sounds. // The Measured Mom

Digraph and Letter Blend Games

If you’re working on learning those tricky digraphs and blends, we’ve got you covered!

Phonics Games

This digraph sort game has a cookie jar theme. So fun!

Grab dice and challenge kids to think on their feet.

Kids will love this digraph sort and find game. 

Children can play with these diphthong sound puzzles alone.

This digraph activity bundle has tons of digraph games for kids learning to read.

Phonics Games

Kids will love putting together these digraph puzzles with a cute gumball theme.

This letter blends game will keep kids learning and playing for hours!

Kids will love this race to the top digraph game! // This Reading Mama

If you’ve played Bang, you’re ready to play this SH digraph game! // This Reading Mama

Learn digraphs and letter blends with ease when you play digraph bingo! // The Measured Mom

Vowel Sound Games

Phonics Games

These vowel puzzles are tons of fun for active learners.

Kids will love playing the vowel sound sorting game. 

How cute is this roll a short vowel game? // The Measured Mom

If your kids prefer active games, they’ll love the vowel sound cup game! // Coffee Cups and Crayons

Learn long vowels easily in the long vowel board game. // The Measured Mom

Kids will love playing short vowel bingo! // The Measured Mom

These vowel letter clouds are an adorable game to try! // The Kindergarten Connection

4 Signs Kids are Ready to Read

Are your kids showing these 4 signs they’re ready to read?

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Phonics Games

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