Free Digraph Sort and Find

Aug 26, 2015

Activity for ages 5 to 7.

Once kids learn stand alone letter sounds, they’re ready to tackle digraphs – two letter combinations that make just one sound like the pairs -CH, -SH and -TH. Just like our digraph cards, this simple sort and find is a motivating, hands-on way to make learning them fun for kids.

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Digraph Sort

I decided to start with the digraph sort because it gave me the chance to easily check kids’ understanding before letting them move on to the digraph hunt that was more of an independent activity.

To prep, I printed the cards on cardstock and cut them apart. {You could laminate them for extra durability too.}

Working with a small group of students, I laid out the headings and placed the pictures in a pile. The children looked at each picture, named the digraph sound and then placed it near the heading that matched. Super straightforward.


If you happen to have a literacy dice, these headings fit on the faces perfectly so you could have kids roll the cube and read the word that lands on top. They also make great flashcards too.

Digraph Word Hunt

Once students were able to confidently sort the digraph cards into their correct spots, I pulled out the word hunt.

The word hunt worked a bit like “write-around-the-room”. I simply hid one picture from each digraph in a semi-obvious spot in the classroom. Then I gave every child a word hunt sheet, a clipboard and a pencil for writing.

Free Digraph Word Hunt. Would a fun way to practice those tricky digraph words! This would make a great literacy center or word work station.The mini investigators eagerly searched around looking for the digraph cards. Each time they found one, they wrote it in the correct spot on their sheet.

Grab Your Pack

Download your free copy of the digraph sort and hunt here and then hop over and check out our Guided Reading Jumbo Bundle packed with 120+ hands-on reading activities kids and teachers love. Such a huge time saver!



  1. Eve

    Thanks so much for your resources! They are great to use in the classroom, I’ve found them really engaging for the kids. I’ve bought resources from the site, which are well worth it, but also really appreciate that so many resources are available free. Thanks for sharing your work!

  2. Christine Reese

    Thank you! You have provided sooooo many goodies that I have downloaded to work with my grandchildren when they come. This will really help them nail these diagraphs. Thanks again

  3. Stephanie ROBERGE

    Where or how do you get your free digraph sort?

    • Ashley

      Hi Stephanie,
      Thanks for reaching out. That one can be a little tricky to find. Under the “Grab Your Pack” section there is a sentence that says, “Download your free copy of the digraph sort and hunt here.” Click on the HERE, and it should take you to the free sort. Hope that helps.
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador


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