If you’re ready for a better way to teach sight words, these pre-sorted lists are for you. Why? 

When you take your sight word list and organize it by phonics skill, students learn the words faster…

You see, old school lists like Dolch and Fry were sorted by the frequency words appear in text. For instance, THE is written most often so it’s the first word students practice.

The philosophy isn’t terrible – if a child is going to read THE more than any other word, it makes sense that learning it first would come in handy.

The problem is that when we teach sight words, THE is often taught right alongside other words that follow completely different phonics rules: OF, AND, A…

And that means kids have to wrap their brains around:

– the short A sound in AND,
– the long A sound in A,
– the F that makes a V sound in OF,
– and (as if that wasn’t enough!) the two letters T & H that make just one sound in THE.

It’s no wonder that so many students struggle with sight word lists!

But there is a *much* easier way! Instead of teaching sight words by frequency, we can sort them by phonics skill. Then students can master one spelling rule at a time!

These print-and-go sheets make it *so easy* for you to do just that.

Focus on short A words like CAN, AND and AN one week…

Then move on to the next phonics skill in the list!

It’s a simple little tweak with POWERFUL results.

Grab Your Set

Get ready for faster reading results! Snag your set of pre-sorted sight word lists on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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  1. I bought these lists and a lot of the words do not seem to match with other sight word lists. Can you explain this to me?

    1. Hi Angie,
      I am happy to help! These words are based on phonics skills rather than just memorizing the words. We looked at a variety of popular lists and sorted them accordingly. They contain the Dolch sight words through second grade and the first 200 Fry words.
      Hope that helps!

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