21 Candy Science Experiments

Activities for ages 3 to 8.

Kids’ science experiments are always a hit but throw candy onto the supply list and you’re guaranteed to step up the cool factor. These 21 candy science experiments are perfect to use as science fair projects, classroom activities, homeschool lessons or rainy day entertainment.

They’re a perfect compliment to our best selling Super Cool Science Kit!

21 Cool Candy Science Experiments for Kids. These are perfect for science fair projects, classroom science activities or rainy day entertainment.

Candy Science Experiments

Head to the store to pick up a few bags of candy or dig through your leftover Halloween stash and get ready for some guaranteed fun.

Super Cool Candy Science for Kids!

Mix up some magical dancing gummy worms.

Discover the colors candy makers use to make M and Ms with a round of chromatography.

Grab some toothpicks and candy drops and build STEM structures. // The STEM Laboratory

Make an exploding Peep geyser. // Housing a Forest

Dissolve the M off of an M and M. // Coffee Cups and Crayons

Watch conversation hearts dance and boogy.

Find out whether ants prefer sweet or sour.

Candy Science ExperimentsTurn a handful of Skittles into a colorful rainbow.

Test whether different candies melt in the sun.

Have mini engineers make Gobstopper tracks.

Build homemade pop rockets that really soar!

Whip up a batch of oh-so-simple mint fireworks.

Test whether candies sink or float.

Make a bright and bold M and M rainbow.

Loads of awesome candy experiments for kids

Melt the stripes off candy canes.

Make a Mentos geyser. // I Can Teach My Child

Cook a batch of homemade rock candy. // Gluesticks Blog

Watch Lifesavers magically flash in the dark! // Candy Experiments

Dissolve a gummy pumpkin. // Lemon Lime Adventures

Figure out how to sink a marshmallow. // Steve Spangler Science

Turn ordinary Skittles into clamshells. // Parenting

And launch candy pumpkins across the room with a homemade catapult!

Super Cool Science Kit

For even more science fun, grab your copy of our best selling Super Cool Science Kit! It’s jam packed with 30 kid-friendly and simple experiments PLUS a handy science journal.

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  1. Barb

    Love your experiments. Is there a way to print them?

  2. Shelbs

    Hi I love the idea of of rock candy but what if you changed it to what type of brand of sugar dose make better rock candy



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