Disappearing Candy Cane Stripes

Activity for ages 3 to 5.

This quick prep kids’ science experiment is perfect for winter! Just grab a bag of candy canes and a bowl of warm water and you’re ready to make candy cane stripes magically disappear.

Super fun and easy kids science. Make candy cane stripes disappear!

To get ready for our simple kids’ science experiment, I invited my five year old to play with a candy cane for a few minutes. We talked about what it felt like {hard, smooth}, what it looked like {red, white, curvy} and what happened when we tried to bend it {it cracked}. Then we made predictions about what would happen when we placed it in a simple bowl of warm water.

I grabbed a new candy cane and handed it to my son. We walked over to the sink and turned it to hot. After waiting for it to warm up enough, we filled a small bowl with water. We dropped the candy cane into the bowl and watched to see what would happen next.

I love this kids science experiment. Make candy cane stripes disappear!

After just a few seconds, we noticed small red clouds forming around the candy cane.

Easy kids science! Make candy cane stripes disappear.Those clouds grew and grew over the next minute, melting away the stripes.

Fun science experiment for kids. Make candy cane stripes disappear.Once all of the stripes disappeared, we pulled the now white candy cane out of the water and placed it next to some fresh ones.

Super fun kids science experiment. Make candy cane stripes disappear.

Pretty cool, huh?! My son and I talked about the predictions we made at the beginning – comparing them to the actual results. {That’s an important step in helping kids learn the scientific process.} Then we grabbed another cane and started all over again.

The Science Behind It

Candy canes are made with sugar. When sugar is placed in water, it dissolves – changing from a solid to a liquid.

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