Need a quick and easy way to explain the science of reading to students’ families? These print-and-go handouts do all of the heavy lifting for you. They’re perfect to pass out at open house night, curriculum events, or parent-teacher conferences.

Snag your set below and then hop over to grab our curriculum checklist so you can quickly check whether your program is science of reading aligned!

Science of Reading family handouts.

When you’re making the switch to the science of reading, it can be hard to know how to explain it to families. It seems impossible to boil DECADES of research down into one bite-sized letter…

How can you explain the change without confusing parents with fancy teaching vocabulary like “phonological awareness” and “orthographic mapping”?

And how can you clarify why their child’s reading instruction will look VERY different than the way they learned to read?

Well, I have exciting news! You can stop battling writers’ block and just hit “print” because we whipped up a batch of science of reading family handouts that do all the heavy lifting for you.

The set includes an easy-to-understand letter that provides just enough highlights to get families excited without bogging them down with confusing terminology.

And it includes some simple activities and strategies they can use at home to support their child’s reading growth too.

You’ll turn families into raving science of reading fans in no time!

Grab Your Science of Reading Family Handouts

Click the big blue “download here” button to snag your set of science of reading family handouts and then jump over and grab our curriculum checklist to pinpoint tweaks you can make to become even more brain-friendly!

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  1. Interesting, and great motivation to capture a child interest

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