Do you spend countless hours hunting down “good fit” word work activities for each of your reading groups?

Word work is an amazing way to take students’ reading to the next level because it gives kids a chance to play with words – breaking them apart, putting them back together, reading and writing them, sorting them…

But – let’s face it – word work is also one of the most time consuming parts of the day.

To make it REALLY work, we need to create different activities that are just right for each small group.

Alphabet activities for new readers, word family games for middle readers, silent e practice for more advanced readers…

Imagine what a time saver it would be to have everything in one spot.

Major life changer, right?!

Word Work Bundle

Wish. Granted.

Organized by skill, the Endless Word Work Bundle gives you hundreds of ready to print activities practicing everything from rhyming to digraphs, sight words and more.

It’s a treasure trove of motivating and effective activities kids will beg to do again and again.

And because it covers such a broad spectrum of reading skills, it’s perfect for preschool, kindergarten and first grade classrooms. It’s so easy to differentiate for a huge variety of needs.

Grab your Endless Word Work Bundle in our shop!

Setting Up Reading Groups


New to reading groups?! No problem. Here’s my general rundown of what it looks like in my classroom:

After giving students a baseline assessment to determine what reading strategies, letter sounds and words they know, I evaluate their reading level.

Sitting down with one student at a time, I give kids a low level book to read first, followed by books that are incrementally harder until we’ve found a book they can read with 90% accuracy.

I want students to be stretched a bit so that they need to practice their reading strategies but not stretched so far that they become frustrated and give up.

Once assessments are complete, dividing the class into small groups is a synch!

I simply group between 3 and 6 children who are at similar reading levels together.

Some groups may have a few more than others but, for the most part, it’s amazing how evenly they sort.

Word Work Centers


While some kiddos are meeting with me for small group reading instruction, other groups are working on centers like writing around the room, reading independently and (you guessed it!) word work.

For very early readers, it could be rhyming or breaking words into syllables. For more advanced readers, it might be CVC words or vowel teams like OA, EE or AI.

Motivating Practice

Since I love making learning fun and memorable for kids, I pull out games whenever possible. No boredom allowed!

For those early readers, we play a rhyming game.

Fun rhyming games for kids!

Break words into syllables.

Syllable Segmenting Clip Cards

Name individual sounds (also known as “phonemes”) in words.

102 Elkonin Boxes for building phonemic awareness!

Or work on identifying beginning sounds.

Beginning Sound Games! Lots of fun beginning sound activities and literacy centers.

With more advanced readers, we work on letter names and sounds.

Word Work Bundle

If my next group of readers is working on CVC words, we tackle the most common word families in the bunch.

Word Work Bundle

And for students who were even further along in the reading process, we master sight words…

Word Work Bundle

Work on digraphs…

Tons of Fun Digraph Activities

That sneaky Magic E…

Motivating Magic E Activities


Playful blends activities for kids! So many fun ways to learn the most common blends including CL-, FR- and ST-.

And more!

With so many word work activities at my fingertips, it’s incredibly easy to differentiate for my students’ just right level.

In all, there are more than 220 activities to pull out and play!!


Once my kids have had plenty of practice isolating the new skill, they grab their book box filled with “just right” books.

For my early readers, I’d pull out one of the level A books included in the Word Work Bundle.

My boys love these early reader books! They're all about things they love most - monsters, things that go, outer space...

For those advanced kiddos, they would read a book with CVC or vowel team words.

Everyone gets the practice they need!

Everything in One Spot

I love having things organized and ready to print and play so the Endless Word Work Bundle includes more than 240 activities organized by skill.

Children learn:


  • Motivating and confidence
  • Rhyming
  • Breaking words into syllables
  • Identifying and replace phonemes
  • Beginning and ending sounds
  • Print concepts
  • Name games


  • Letter names
  • Letter sounds
  • ABC order
  • Letter formation


  • Blending sounds together to make words
  • Word families (CVC words that share a spelling pattern like cat, mat and hat)
  • Word work activities


  • Sight words (the most common words in English)
  • CVCe words (make, cute, like, etc.)
  • Vowel team words (play, deer, boat, etc.)
  • Digraphs (sh-, th-, ch-, wr-, qu-, etc.)
  • Blends (cl-, fr-, sm-, etc.)
  • Reading Comprehension

Your Collection Keeps on Growing

Plus, my favorite part of all is that you get instant access to EVERY reading activity set I ever create.

Every time I finish a new pack, I email it to you first! 

Grab Your Bundle

Ready to make your word work centers engaging and motivating for kids too?! Grab your Endless Word Work Bundle in our shop!

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  1. I have purchased the sight word books. Is this one of your products that are editable? I want to use the words required for my state. Thanks.

    1. Hi Wanda! The Guided Reading Jumbo Bundle includes the sight word books you already purchased, plus 30 EDITABLE sight word games, word family activities, pre-reading games… tons of stuff. If you’d like to apply your previous purchase to the cost of the bundle, just send me a quick email at I’m happy to help!


  2. Hi! I have purchased this product and am so excited to use it with my kinder kids this year, but I am a very organized person! Do you have any tips for storing and organizing all these game for future use?

  3. Hi, Malia,
    I bought your Guided Reading Bundle about a year ago. How do I update my bundle so I can get all the new stuff you’ve added?

  4. Are the digraph dice still free? The link does not down it. Please let me know.

    Thanks much.


  5. Hello Malia,
    My three-year-old son has asked me to teach him how to read so he can read by himself in the evening. He knows the alphabet, but that’s about it. Where do I start, and in which order do I progress, with the bundle?
    Thank you!

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