Elkonin Sound Boxes


Sound boxes (also called “Elkonin boxes”) help kids build a strong foundation of pre-reading skills by teaching them how to identify and replace phonemes in words.

This mega pack includes 114 sound boxes giving kids practice sounding out 2, 3 and 4 phoneme words.

To play, students say the word out loud normally once and then stretch out the word slowly. They tap their finger (or slide a manipulative) into a box for each phoneme they hear.

Step up the fun by using the sound boxes with a variety of manipulatives: sliding counting chips, driving in Matchbox cars, squishing balls of playdough, clipping small clothespins, sliding LEGO bricks, or writing an X with a dry erase marker.

Children will soon be able to name and replace phonemes in a snap!

NOTE: All of our activity packs are instant downloads.


“We love this resource!! My students ask for sound boxes every day in centers. They have become so popular, I had to print 2 sets. The kids are making up their own games as they use them. Thank you for such a great resource that is easy to use!!! I love it!!” – Denise L.

“I’m using these for my intervention group and they are loving them and it is totally working!” – McCall Schwarz

“These will be a great addition to the resources I use for my dyslexic kiddos! Thank you!” – William B.

“Awesome for my early learners! Great to get them thinking about the different sounds in words!” – Jessica Wallace

“I’ve been using these sound box cards to support my lowest students. They’ve improved so much since we added this to our daily small group practice. Thank you!” – Mrs. Spaghetti