Apple Place Value

Place value is such an important math concept for early learners because it builds a solid foundation of number sense.  This apple-themed place value match up will be the perfect addition to your small group math instruction or your math centers this fall!

Scroll down to grab your freebie and then make sure to hop over and snag our Place Value Concentration for even more math fun.

Getting Ready

This place value match up was quick and easy to prep!

I printed off the place value apple cards and number cards on white cardstock and laminated them for durability.

After I cut apart the pieces, I grabbed a 4 x 6 photo box for storage.

Then, I quickly printed off one record sheet for each student and we were ready to play!

Apple Place Value

To start, I laid out the place value cards on one side of the table and the number cards on another side.

I handed each student in my small group a record sheet and a pencil and asked them to write their name.

Then, I had a volunteer choose an apple place value card.

She drew the card number 4 with 3 tens and 6 ones on it.

Together we counted the place value blocks aloud, “10, 20, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36.”

She found the child number card with a 36 on it and put the two cards side by side.

Then the child counted the place value blocks one more time to check her answer: “10, 20, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36.”

All of the students found the number 4 box on their record sheet and wrote the number 36.

The next student selected another apple card and we started the place value match up again.

The group continued finding pairs and writing answers until the record sheet was complete.

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