Free Place Value I Have, Who Has

Activity for ages 4 to 7.

Place value is a tricky concept for most kids, so I have been pulling together lots of hands-on place value activities to make all of that hard work fun for my five year old. Just like the Place Value Concentration game, this freebie is a motivating way to help kids learn the numbers 1-100.

FREE I Have, Who Has Place Value GameGetting Ready

I always like printing game cards on cardstock to give them extra durability. If you’ll be using the activity in a classroom, you may want to laminate them too. In any case, print the Place Value I Have, Who Has (below) and cut apart the cards. Easy peasy.

In a Classroom

If you’re playing the game in a classroom, give each student one card and tell them to keep it secret. {You can give a couple of kids a second card if there are extras.}

I Have, Who Has Place Value Game. Awesome freebie!

Randomly select one child to read her card out loud. The student with the matching card will hold it up and read her card next. Play continues until all of the children have had a chance to read their card to the group.

In a Homeschool

If you’re playing Place Value I Have, Who Has in a homeschool, shuffle the cards and have your child randomly pick one to lay on the ground. Ask him to read the card and then find the pair, laying it down next to the first card. Play continues until all of the cards have been lined up in the correct order.

More Place Value Fun

For more place value fun, check out our NO PREP Place Value Activity Pack – 59 pages of Common Core Aligned, NO PREP activities for kids.

NO PREP Place Value Activity Pack.

Grab Your Download

Ready to play?! Download your FREE I Have, Who Has game below.

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  1. Lisa E.

    Again, such great center activities, warm-ups and small group activities that are hands-on. Thank you for making my job easier and a way for the students to enjoy learning.

    • Ashley

      Thank you so much, Lisa!
      We really appreciate you taking the time to leave such sweet feedback!
      Ashley // Happiness Ambassador

  2. Leona Mora

    thank you so much for this materials. it make more easy and fun in teacher numbers in kinder.

  3. Jackie Di Cecco

    Is this link still working? I can’t seem to get a response.

  4. Daphne Deneubourg


  5. Shaunta

    The Download link isn’t working

  6. Krystal Hazel

    Just wondering if the link is still working please?



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