ABC games are a motivating way to teach kids the names and sounds of letters. This superhero-themed alphabet match up takes the fun to a whole new level. As kids pair upper and lowercase letters together, they magically build an awesome superhero. This ABC game is a low-prep, must-try activity kids will beg to play again and again.

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Awesome ABC game for kids! Superhero upper and lowercase match up.
Getting Ready

To prep, I printed the free ABC game {HERE} on cardstock to give it some extra durability. Then I cut apart the pairs and mixed them up so my kiddos would be challenged to find the matches later. Easy peasy.

Free Superhero ABC Game. Such a fun way to pracitce upper and lowercase pairs.

Note: If I was going to use these in a classroom, I would have added the extra step of laminating the cards to make them even more durable.

Superhero ABC Game

My boys couldn’t wait to get started. My 5.5 year old knows all of the upper and lowercase pairs so he was ready to tackle the mega challenge of matching all 26 pairs. But my 4 year old isn’t there yet so I gave him 6 pairs to start. We worked together to find a match.

“Here’s one!” he said as he pulled the uppercase and lowercase Gs together.

Free superhero ABC game for kids. Love this!

I had him repeat the “G” after me to help his brain make the connection between the written letter and its name. Then we spent a minute or two talking about what the big and little G look like, saying the sound it makes /g/, and brainstorming words that start with that sound including goat, great and go.

When he was ready, we started our hunt for the next match: Q!

Such an awesome ABC game! Free superhero alphabet match up.

Superhero ABC Match Up was a huge hit with my boys. I hope your kiddos love it too!

Ready to Play?

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