The Lorax is a classic Dr. Seuss children’s book about a Lorax who defends the truffala trees against extinction. After reading the story together a few weeks back, my boys and I played a fun follow up: The Lorax Number Match Up – a counting, number recognition and fine motor activity in one.

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Getting Ready

I printed a copy of The Lorax Number Match Up (here) on cardstock to give it some extra durability and make the colors really pop. Then, I cut apart the cards, grabbed a bag of pom poms and invited my boys over to join me.

The Lorax Number Match Up

Middle Brother wanted to make a real game of it, so he mixed up the cards and had Big Brother randomly choose one from the pile.

First up was lucky #8. Big Brother began picking up pom poms and placing one on top of each truffala tree trunk. “One, two, three…”

In just moments, the truffala trees began taking shape.

Awesome! FREE Lorax Truffala Tree Match Up!!

The boys continued randomly grabbing number cards and counting out the tree tops. This number match up was the perfect way to wrap up The Lorax!


More Number Formation FUN

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  1. Hi! Do you have any number recognition or matching games for the numbers 11-20? Those are the ones some of my kinders struggle with the most and by this time of the year, we need higher numbers? I would love the snowflake/snowman and Lorax trees with bigger numbers.

    I absolutely LOVE all of your activities and I send my friends to your site and store all the time!

    Kristine Lange
    Kindergarten Teacher
    Port Orchard, WA

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