Working on a number of the day gives kids practice with place value, expanded notation, odd and even numbers… so many math skills in one simple activity. They are such an easy way to differentiate for a variety of learners during morning work or math rotations. Just hit “print” and you’re ready to go!

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Getting Ready

I’m a bit of a font geek so I made the number of the day sheets editable in case you wanted to make the number written in the box at the top of the page match the rest of the paper.

This first round, I wanted Big Brother (age 6.5) to work on a number that had three digits so I typed in 124 and hit print.

Note: There are two versions of the sheet – one has labels written above the expanded notation boxes so that kids know to write the hundreds, tens and ones; and a second option does not include those labels so you can use it with students who are ready for a little challenge.

I grabbed our crayons and a pencil and invited Big Brother to join me.

Working Through the Number of the Day

The number of the day page was super self explanatory. Big Brother worked his way through the page – separating out the hundreds, tens and ones digits; coloring the base ten blocks; marking whether the number was odd or even…

Free number of the day sheet!

I loved that he was practicing so many math skills on one sheet.

And the best part was that I could simply type in a new number at the top of the page and the activity would be brand new again!

Editable Number of the Day Sheets!

Grab Your Copy

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