Get students excited about writing with this festive winter craftivity! Children will love dreaming up ideas about how to bring a snowman to school and you’ll love that it’s so quick to prep. The snowman writing craftivity also makes a fabulous winter hallway display.

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Getting Ready

Prep for this writing craftivity was a breeze! All I had to do was print the snowmen on cardstock and then print the rest of the pages on regular paper.

Then I grabbed scissors, glue sticks and a piece of colored cardstock for each of my students and we were ready to get started.

Snowman Writing Craftivity

I always like to start young learners with a brain map when we begin writing on a new topic, so we worked as a class to answer the prompts in each circle of our brainstorming sheet.

The brain map was effective in getting children’s creativity flowing and helped keep them from getting frustrated later on in the writing process.

I like to give more advanced writers an empty brain map so that they can be creative on their own. Although my students weren’t ready for it yet, I included a copy in case it was a good fit for your class.

Once the brain map was filled, we transferred our ideas onto the practice sentences worksheet.

This is where they got to perfect their sentences and make sure to have proper punctuation for their winter craftivity!

(I like to work on this portion during small group rotations to help them form their sentences properly.)

Once their practice sentences were complete, students carefully wrote their final draft and, when it was “display ready”, they moved on to the craft portion!

The craftivity portion was simple but made the writing project really pop.

I let my students choose between a girl snowman or a boy snowman. Once they made their choice, all they had to do was color it, cut it out and then carefully glue it to the top of a bright piece of cardstock – just for some extra color.

Then we glued the final draft of their writing page underneath the snowman’s hands.

Our snowman craftivity was such a great way to help students think outside the box! The final product turned out great and our frosty family looked so festive hanging in the hall.

Grab Your Copy

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  1. Hi Ashley,

    I am trying to find the Snowman Winter Writing activity and can not find it. Is it possible for you to post it again or email it to me?

    1. Hi Lan,

      If you just click the large blue “Download Here” button at the bottom of the post you will be able to get it that way!

  2. When I click on the big blue Download button, it will not submit. I’ve tried over and over on different computers and my phone. Can you please email it to me? I’d really like to access this activity! I even read the “Help” page to no avail. Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for reaching out. I’m so sorry you’re having trouble downloading. We never want that.
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    1. It does not work for me either and pop ups are not blocked.

  4. Hello
    I love this writing activity and love to use it with my students when we come back from winter break, but it won’t let me download it either.

    1. SO happy to hear that! I hope your little learners love it!
      Your fan,
      Kaylee // Playdough to Plato Team

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