Looking for a fun way to practice vowel sounds with kids?! We’ve got you covered. This free vowel sound sort is a great literacy center, guided reading activity or homeschool project. Just print, prep and play.

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Getting Ready

To prep the vowel sort, first decide how you want to display the activity. Will you glue the crayon boxes to a poster board? Will you store them in a manila envelope to be spread out on a table?

I decided to display my sort on a poster board because it allows the crayon box to act as an envelope for the crayons to be placed in. That seems to be more fun for the kids than just placing them on top of a flat picture on a table.

If you also want to display your sort on a poster board, be careful not to cut off the dotted lined tabs. If you are going to store them in an envelope, cut off the tabs.sort_pic2

I cut out all the crayons and crayon boxes. I folded the gray dotted lined tabs under each crayon box and dabbed a few dots of glue on each before adhering it to the board.

To stay organized, I also glued a manila envelope to the back of the poster board where I securely stored all the crayons while not in use.

Vowel Sort

To complete the vowel sound sort, kids picked up one crayon at a time and read it out loud. If the vowel said its name, then kids knew it was long and placed it in the long vowel box. If the vowel did not say its name, kids placed it in the short vowel box.

To differentiate, I gave new readers just one long-short vowel to work on at a time. For more advanced readers, I had them sort all of the crayons at the same time.


As any teacher or parent can tell you, there is no one size fits all when it comes to how kids learn. So, I made sure I included blank crayons so that you can customize the word lists if that is what works best for you. For example, you might want to use the blank crayons to add more difficult words into the sort so that it can continue to grow with your child’s or students’ vocabularies.

I focused on beginning of the word vowel sounds. You could go further and add in words with vowel sounds that appear later in the word.

Grab Your Copy

Are you ready to print this free vowel sort activity? Download your copy below  and then hop over and grab our Vowel Team Centers, too!

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  1. You’re very welcome Amanda. I’m glad you are enjoying it. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this wonderful resource!!!
    We have located the printable for the short vowel and long vowel picture sort, however, I’m just not able to locate the crayons and crayon pocket printable. Can you help??

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