Five Little Cupcakes

Activities for ages 3 to 5.

Rhymes for kids are big in our family. Rhyming helps my boys notice patterns in the way words sound – an important pre-reading skill – and, as a BIG bonus, they’re one of the easiest ways to keep them entertained when we’re waiting in doctors’ offices, at restaurants, etc.


One of our favorite rhymes for kids is this clever one called Five Little Cupcakes. Watch the video to learn the lyrics and then print out your free printable finger puppets to bring it to life. Enjoy!

Five Little Cupcakes

Five Little Cupcakes Finger Puppets


I love using finger puppets to act out rhymes for kids because it helps them connect the words with a mental picture of what’s happening. To make your own set of Five Little Cupcakes finger puppets, print the freebie and carefully cut along the outside edge of each cupcake. Then carefully hot glue or tape the ends together to make a finger ring.

Rhymes for Kids

Slide one puppet on each finger and you’re ready to go!


Five Little Cupcakes Lyrics


This rhyme for kids is especially fun because you can incorporate your children’s names {and those of family members and friends} into the lyrics. The words are:


Five little cupcakes in the bakery shop, 

You know the kind with the honey and the sugar on top.

Along came ____ with a penny to pay,

S/he bought one cupcake she took it away.

{Repeat for the numbers 4, 3, 2 and 1. Then sing-}

No little cupcakes in the bakery shop, 

You know the kind with the honey and the sugar on top.

Along came ____ with a penny to pay,

S/he said, “Boo hoo hoo. I guess I’ll come back another day.”

Five Little Cupcakes Video


I always like seeing what rhymes for kids are really supposed to sound like – maybe it’s the perfectionist in me. Anyway, I put together a video to show you the rhyme in action. Enjoy!


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5 little hot dogs finger puppets


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