We often say we learn 26 letters. While that’s partially true (we learn 26 letter names) we are actually learning several more symbols when we combine both upper and lowercase. So, practice, repetition and having fun are all ways I can help my kids work on their letters and build their confidence!  This flower alphabet match does just that!

This match game is a fun upper and lowercase pairing activity to use as a literacy center or ABC game. Plus, it incorporates one of my favorite things – clothespin clip cards!  For more preschool fun, check out our Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack in our shop!

Getting Ready

To prepare the flower alphabet match, I printed out the cards from Aa-Zz (below) and laminated them to keep them sturdy. This let me use them several times without getting torn or bent when we clipped clothespins on them.

After cutting the cards apart, I placed them in a small basket with clothespins so that my kindergarteners could easily access them in class.

flower alphabet match 2

Flower Alphabet Match

My kids love clothespin activities, so when they saw this one, they couldn’t wait to get started! I love clothespin activities for various reasons, too – the biggest one being that they build up strength in writing muscles in little fingers.

Several of my kindergarten students are writing in a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters. While this is absolutely appropriate developmentally, it never hurts for us to practice comparing upper and lowercase letters. The more exposure my kids get to them, the more I notice them being more attentive to the letters in their writing.

To kick off the fun, I used these cards with a small group of students. We each grabbed a colorful flower card, read the uppercase letter on the flower, then searched for and clipped its lowercase match.

flower alphabet match 1

That’s it! So straightforward and fun.

Grab Your Set

Are you ready to work on matching upper and lowercase letters, too?! Clip the blue download button below to grab your free flower alphabet matching cards and then hop over and grab our Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack in our shop!

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  1. I cannot print the free alphabet flower match, Why?

  2. It is saying the download page no longer exists. Is it still possible to get? Thank you

  3. This is a great resource. Would you be able to have it available without color?

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