Every so often, there’s an alphabet activity that makes my teaching heart skip a beat. It stretches kids’ thinking and helps them tackle those tricky letter sounds. It’s colorful, playful AND engaging.  This is one of those alphabet activities.

Enjoy these letter sound wheels as you and your little one make your way through the alphabet!  Then, for more alphabet fun, check out our Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack in our shop!

Getting Ready

Prep for this alphabet activity was simple – my favorite kind!

I printed the download below on cardstock for extra durability.  If you’re using these for a classroom, it might be a good idea to laminate the set so you can practice year after year.  This is a hands-on activity, so the sturdier, the better!

Letter Sound Wheels Alphabet Activity

The playful batch of letter sound wheels challenges students to clip the four words that start with each letter without clipping the four words that aren’t a match.

For instance, on the Aa wheel, children clip astronaut, ant, apple and alligator.

But they skip cactus, donut, castle and cat since they start with letters other than Aa.

The alphabet activity set includes one wheel for all 26 letters.

There’s so much learning ahead!

Just grab the download from our shop and pick up a pack of clothespins!

Grab Your Pack

Download your set in our shop!

Then, while you’re there, check out our best-selling Ultimate Preschool Activity Pack!

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