Frozen Science Experiments

Whether you’re a super fan of the movie Frozen or you’re just on the hunt for some wintery science projects kids will love, these 20 Frozen science experiments are sure to melt your heart. Whip up ice that’s hot to the touch, melt Elsa’s frozen hands, make some fizzy ice castles and more.

20 Frozen themed science experiments for kids. Melt Elsa hands, make ice that is hot to the touch, whip up some frozen names and more. Super fun STEM ideas!

These Frozen-inspired science experiments are perfect for a winter unit, science fair project or afternoon experiment. As Elsa summed up so perfectly, “Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway!”

Tons of Frozen inspired science experiments!

Use baking soda and vinegar to pour ice that’s hot to the touch!!

Combine art and science with some simple watercolor ice melting. // The Artful Parent

Make alphabet letters that look like they’re covered in frost.

Whip up everyone’s favorite frozen treat: ice cream in a bag!

Tons of Frozen themed science experiments for kids! Make fizzy ice, melt frozen Elsa hands and more.

Make a batch of fizzy ice. // Toddler Approved

Head outside and build a snow volcano that really erupts. // Science-Sparks

Melt frozen hands that are just like Elsa’s. // Happy Hooligans

Catch frozen bubbles. // Housing a Forest

Awesome Frozen science experiments for kids! Make sticky ice, save Anna from a block of ice and more.

Experiment with ice and watercolor paints. // Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Make ice that sticks! 

Free Elsa from a block of ice. // No Time for Flashcards

Discover how arctic animals (and the loyal reindeer, Sven) stay warm when it’s freezing. // I Can Teach My Child

Super cool Frozen science experiments for kids!

Test what will freeze first. // No Time for Flashcards

Measure the warmth brought by a mitten. // Classroom Magic

Learn about density by asking whether objects will freeze on top or down below. //

Make some fizzing melting ice castles. // Little Bins for Little Hands

Frozen themed science experiments for kids! Lots of fun ideas for a winter unit or science project.

Discover what type of molecules move faster: hot or cold. // Planet Smarty Pants

Blow some frozen bubbles. // Fireflies and Mud Pies

Grow snowflakes! // Paging Fun Mums

And finally, make a snowstorm in a jar. // Growing a Jeweled Rose

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