These 25 awesome name games are sure to keep kids entertained for days. They’ll love crystallizing, tracing and painting the most important word they’ll ever learn.

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25 Awesome Name Games for Kids. So many great ideas in this roundup!

Whether you’re in the mood for an art project, need to burn off some extra energy, or something inbetween, we’ve got you covered.

25 Awesome Name Games for Kids.

Crystalize their name with a simple pipe cleaner, water and borax.

Trace their name with Matchbox cars. // Buggy and Buddy

This one’s a family favorite! Make up a simple song teaching kids how to spell their name.

Paint it with some salt, glue and watercolors. // Happy Hooligans

Turn a photo into a name puzzle. // Totschooling

Glue a batch of name rubbing plates. // Pre-K Pages

Have them trace their name six times: once in red, then in orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. They’ll make a name rainbow!

25 Must-Try Name Games for Kids.

Paint a symmetrical name. // Getting Messy with Ms. Jessi

Make their letters magically appear with watercolor paint.

Fill a Ziploc with gel and trace the name. So easy and motivating! // Kids Activities Blog

Hunt for household objects that start with their first letter.

Tons of great name activities for kids

Build it with alphabet magnets. // Mrs. Bremer’s K

Go on a letter hunt. // Pre-K Pages

Clip their name onto a clothespin dinosaur. // Play to Learn Preschool

Stamp it in playdough. // Growing Book by Book

Feeling crafty? Cut and paste the first letter of their name.

25 Super Fun Name Activities for Kids

Cut out a rainbow name puzzle from foam. // Still Playing School

Use painter’s tape to make name artwork. // Learn with Play at Home

Spell their name with LEGOS.

Compare the number of letters in classmates’ names on a colorful chart. // Mrs. Bohaty’s Kindergarten Kingdom

25 Must-Try Name Activities for Kids

Bend it with pipe cleaners. // Parents

Trace it with candy. Yum!!

Play a couple rounds of name ring toss. // Hands on as We Grow

Smash baked name cotton balls. // I Can Teach My Child

Have kids compare their name to a friend’s. // Conversations in Literacy

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