If you’re looking for a motivating, easy-prep way to teach kids how to write and recognize the numbers 0 to 30, you’ve come to the right spot.  This number formation pack is brimming with effective teaching strategies: hands-on activity sheets, memorable rhymes and helpful posters.

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Number Formation Rhymes

Teaching kids silly number rhymes is a simple way to help them learn to write the digits 0-9. Once they know those 10 digits, they can write any number under the sun: numbers as small as 15 and numbers as big as 359,461,209,607!

That’s why I like to introduce one digit at a time by sharing a goofy poem they’re sure to remember.


There’s, “Around and around. Just an O. That’s the way we make zero.”

And “Down and over, down once more. That’s the way we make a four!” Plus, many more.

I included large, poster-sized printables (above) for you to hang on the wall or use for whole class instruction.  Plus, a review sheet kids can use to practice all of the numbers at once in a math station or at home with their families.

LOVE these number formation poems!! This would be a great send home for students' families.

Number Activity Sheets

This number formation pack keeps on going!  To help kids connect those written numbers with the concept of having that many objects, I designed hands-on number activity sheets to go along with my wildly popular alphabet activity sheets.

Working through one box at a time, kids highlight the number with a bright yellow crayon or marker, color a picture showing that many objects, mark the number in a ten frame, trace the spelling of the word, color craft sticks, draw an example of that many objects and then trace the number down below.

In all, kids practice 7 different ways of making each number. So comprehensive!

The pack even includes several cover sheets you can use to bind the pages together and make a number book.

Teens and Twenties

Once students master 0 to 10, they’re ready to dive into the teens and twenties, so the pack also includes activity sheets and rhymes for those numbers, too.

Grab Your Pack

Ready to grab your jam packed set?! Download it now in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Then, don’t forget to snag our Place Value Cover Up!

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